Yes, it’s a self-portrait... but also a way to try new mediums from a Gamblin kit I won (thanks, ArtMuse!). This time it was their Neo-Meglip, a gel which I used on a smooth panel to achieve the texture and color of the background. After drying, I dragged paint (without medium) across with palette knives. It required a coat of Galkyd Lite to even out the sheen.

In my quest to make organic patterns I bought an acrylic product called QOR, basically a liquid paper. However, it did not prove to be absorbent enough to freeze oil designs floating on water... (similar to marbling or suminagashi). So I tried slathering boards with it - in this case, brushed randomly. My next layer consisted of scattered pigments (pastel dust), liquefied with alcohol gel and sealed with Galkyd. The panels had a map-like look to them, so going with that I chose a mixed-race girl in strong light with color broken into warm/cool components, emphasizing

her planes with the knife.

Colors of the Map

oil on panel, 7 x 7”


Since I had panels with pastel underpainting, I had to try pastel over the top. I used Galkyd Lite to stabilize the initial pigment layer for a more matte finish.

MomMom’s Boy

pastel on panel, 9 x 9”



oil on linen, 16 x 20”


I began with a random ‘oxidized’ pattern utilizing acrylic alcohol inks. It was lively and didn’t alter the surface texture. But after laying in the figure with knives, it proved too visuallly active, enough to warrant a darkening Galkyd glaze – which unified the randomness almost beyond visibility. Plus a crop!

Hard Won

oil on linen

24 x 30”


She began life as a 9 x 12 sketch, which included another figure (way too much)! I was intrigued with the concept of taking small accidents and blowing them up into big paint events, making expressive bold strokes to convey both light and emotion. And to see how big a head might grow before becoming disturbing..

9 x 12” sketch / edited

In the Studio

oil on panel, 12 x 12”